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Deagle Ice By Snyzer Tech  (PDF BOOK ONLY )

Deagle Ice By Snyzer Tech (PDF BOOK ONLY )

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Deagle Black by Snyzer Tech (PDF BOOK ONLY)

Deagle Black by Snyzer Tech (PDF BOOK ONLY)

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What's a "Snyzer Tech"?

My passion for mechanical design has lead to me to design working replicas of popular firearms.  I have been posting my creations on YouTube since 2013. Everything from the trigger to the firing mechanism is made custom for every model I build.  I strive to create designs that break the limitations of building with LEGO® bricks and discover new possibilities for mechanical design. I have built replicas of firearms including the Desert Eagle, Barrett .50 cal, Kriss Vector, Cheytac Intervention, FN P90, Tac-45 and a bolt action crossbow. 

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The Tale of Snyzer...

Long ago, in this same galaxy... a young lad named Snyzer was playing Call of Duty and he started to wonder how all these weapons worked.  So he bravely, stormed the land they call “internet” in search of answers. He stumbled on some mechanism animation videos on Youtube, and began recreating them with LEGO® bricks.  Through many tirelious days and nights of struggle, he slowly began to develop mechanisms of his own. SPOILER ALERT: Its turns out I am the young lad...

In 2013, I posted my first pistol on YouTube.  The support I received from the YouTube community motivated me to keep making guns.  So with each new project I aspired to create something original that people had never seen before.  I continuously aim to influence others to think big and believe in their own vision. So build on Snyzer and friends!!!......

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