Q: How long does shipping take?

A: USA: 1-5 business days

Outside USA: 2-9 days

*Shipping times to some countries outside the USA may vary.  Please check estimates at checkout or contact us for more information at:




Q: Do you accept Paypal?

A: Yes.  At checkout you can choose the "Paypal" option.



Q: How do I download the instructions e-book?

A: When your purchased is confirmed you should receive a download link in your email.  If you have any troubles or do not receive the download link please contact:


*Please include your order number in the email



Q: Can I download the Instructions to a tablet or smartphone?

A:  It is not recommended as there have been issues in the past.  We recommend downloading the e-book to either a laptop or desktop computer.



Q: Where can I get the bricks?

A: You can get all the bricks through www.webrick.com

On each modes web description has a "Parts List  + How to Get the Parts Tutorial" download, that will show you how to get the parts.  


Q: What other supplies do you need to build the models

A: Each web description has a "other supplies" section that give links to what non brick supplies is need for the build.


Any additional questions please feel free to contact:



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