Q: Do you except Paypal?

A: Yes.  If you want to checkout using Paypal please contact:


Please provide the following information:

- items you would like to purchase

- Email address associated with Paypal.

- First and last name

- shipping address

 Disclaimer: If you choose this method of checkout you must agree to the terms and conditions listed on the Terms and Conditions page.



Q: Do you still sell the Deagle Building Kit?

A: No, only the instructional ebook is for sale



Q: How do I download the instructions e-book?

A: When your purchased is confirmed you should receive a download link in your email.  If you have any troubles or do not receive the download link please contact:


Please include your order number in the email



Q: Can I download the Instructions to a tablet or smartphone?

A:  Not recommended as there have been issues in the past.  We recommend downloading the e-book to either a laptop or desktop computer.



Q: Where can I get the LEGO parts for the Deagle?

A: You can get all the LEGO parts through www.bricklink.com using the link below:

Deagle Parts List (Bricklink Easy Buy)


Also you can download the free Deagle Parts List, which includes a free PDF tutorial that walks your through the whole buying process.



Q: What non LEGO parts do I need to make the Deagle?

A: You need one of each of the following items:

Shootin' Rubber Bands
Small Mechanism Rubber bands
Firing string - Braided Fishing Line
Firing String Glue

Any additional questions please feel free to contact: