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CG12 Raptor [Black] By Snyzer Tech (PDF BOOK ONLY )

CG12 Raptor [Black] By Snyzer Tech (PDF BOOK ONLY )

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CLICK HERE to download the Parts List  + How to Get the Parts Tutorial

*Bricks for this build may only be available through

Other Supplies:
Shootin' Rubber Bands
Small Mechanism Rubber bands

Instructions include:
- Full model
- 5x shells
- 5x of slug shot ammo
- 5x of buck shot ammo
- 5x of bird shot ammo

CG12 Raptor [Black] by Snyzer Tech features:

- Universal shells for slug, buck and bird shot
- Functioning pump action shell ejection
- Working button safety switch
- Working bolt lock 
- Foldable/detachable stock
- Iron sights



Download on PC or Laptop.  May not work on tablet or smartphone.

Any questions visit our FAQ page 




This model is not suited for children under the age of 14.  

This model shoots plastic pieces and should never be aimed at people or in any direction of any people.  Be sure to use eye protection when operating.  

Parts of this instruction recommends the use of cyanoacrylate glue, but is not required. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Tyson Scarrott (DysonLG)
Flawless Satisfying Perfection

This is by far the best lego gun that I have ever built. It is flawless. I've had this thing for nearly a year. NEVER once has it jammed. The complex mechanism is the most interesting thing in the world and is so cool! I have NO clue what some of the other reviews are they are lowkey kind of funny. Any of those mistakes would be to building the thing wrong. The instructions are very clear. One person said, "It doesn't work with the right wall on". Like what🤣?! The gun has no flaws, looks so cool! I had to take it apart once to have parts for other lego builds. I eventually rebuilt the thing because I loved it so much. This is only one of the best lego guns you can find on the internet. Buy this right now.

Lina Sun

CG12 Raptor [Black] By Snyzer Tech (PDF BOOK ONLY )

Pretty cool

The gun is very cool and works very well. From the looks it was really worth it. I do have the problem, that when I put the "body top" the realoading doesn't seem to work. Also, sometimes the shell doesn't go into the "shooting chamber" with one pump reload, so I have to reload twice for it to enter. Overall pretty cool tho.

Sorry you are having trouble. Please email us at and we can help you sort the issues.


My trigger didn't work and my bolt lock too with the lifting of my bullets. Had lots of extra pieces. Think its for the speed loader which is not included.

Sorry you are having trouble. Please email us at and we can help you sort the issues.

Pretty Good

Very good all in all but I had to get a lot more extra pieces for the build that was not in the original part list. The pieces came out randomly after I bought pieces. I had to get like about 5 more pieces in different amounts. And yes, without lengths, I had to eye it and usually it was wrong. The trigger mechanism kept breaking for no reason. All in all still good.

We appreciate your feedback. Please email and we can help you sort out your issues with the trigger.

(Update) The instructions have been updated with clarifications for all axle sizes. You will receive a free updated version of the instructions in your email.