Deagle Ice By Snyzer Tech (PDF BOOK ONLY )

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Other Supplies:
Shootin' Rubber Bands
Small Mechanism Rubber bands
Firing string - Braided Fishing Line


Instructions include:
- Full model
- Magazine
- Bullets 

Deagle Ice by Snyzer Tech features:

- A fully functional bolt action mechanism
- Bullets that can be fired
- Fully functional slide
- 11 round removable magazine
- Magazine release button
- Working slide lock 
- Iron sights
- Easy to change rubber bands



Download on PC or Laptop.  May not work on tablet or smartphone.

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This replica shoots plastic pieces that can cause serious injury.  Be sure to use eye protection when operating.  

Parts of this instruction recommends the use of cyanoacrylate glue. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Customer Reviews

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Charlie Wittman

I use this because I live building Lego guns and it looks amazing it was fun to build and I learned a lot just one question what happened to the Deagle gold like I really wanted that but it looks crazy cool can you make a hellfire (just swap the blue for white) and can you make free instructions for a sight also I mainly wrote this to say thank you and wow

jason w peterson
PDF link was broken, no response from help email

I purchased the PDF build instructions for the deagle ice and have yet to receive the PDF file. The link in the email was broken and not working. I emailed help@snyzertech and the email was undeliverable. I have paid for a product and they have not delivered.

For an unknown reason we had not received any previous emails from you regarding this issue and for this we apologize.
We have sent a new download to your email.

Snyzer Isnel

Deagle Ice By Snyzer Tech (PDF BOOK ONLY )

Jean-Michel WEISS
as expected

over the top

Somewhat Disappointing Instructions, Compensated By The Amazing Gun

Don't get me wrong, the Deagle is fantastic, reliable, accurate, and hella strong. But for 20$, these instructions are kinda disappointing.

Instruction Problems:

TL:DR: Removed Side Notes, Missing Instruction Pages. Overall 3 Stars, 68% Grade. (D)

How To Fix: Add Side Notes Back, And Fix Missing Instruction Pages (Mainly 46 and 47)

Problem 1: Missing Details
On PDF slide 46 and 47, several pieces are not mentioned in the instructions, but are required for the front grip of the gun. It's pretty easy to use your brain to locate the correct pieces since the grip model is sorta simple and compact, but its 20$ for a PDF file... We should at least expect complete accuracy. This seems to be the only major issue though, but many smaller ones (such as seemingly useless complicated tying mechanisms) still exist.

Problem 2: Side Notes (Personal Opinion)
In various review videos, such as Joran Prim's or Kevin183's, it clearly showed side notes suggesting ideas for certain aspects of the gun. Although some people don't mind this missing feature, I really missed it. It made the instructions engaging and fun, and not a 2 hour build montage.


Gun Problems:

TL:DR: Not Friendly To First-Time Users, But Excellent In Literally Everything Else. Overall 5 Stars, 97% Grade. (A+)

How To Fix: Overcome Your Skill Issue Lol

Problem 1: Reliability Issues On First Tests (At Least For Me)
Not a big deal since this issue is resolved quickly with use, but keep in mind your Deagle may have reliability/loading/shooting issues on first use. It's probably because it's my first time using this gun, and the handling is new to me.

Problem 2: NOT Noob Friendly
With experienced Nerf/Airsoft/Lego/Real gun users such as myself, using the Deagle is a piece of cake (after you get used to the handling). However, it was obvious that a noob cannot use this gun at all the second I let my sister play with it. To keep it simple, she failed inserting the magazine somehow, cocking back the slide, and then stopped terrified that she would accidently break it.


Gun Pros: Smooth Handling, Easy Rubber Band Change, Surprisingly Comfortable, And Hella Strong. 10/10 Gun.

Instruction Pros: Some Very Complicated Directions (Such As The String Mechanism) Are Explained In IRL Picture Form.

Overall, If you just want a Deagle buy this and the parts from webrick, it's pretty dang worth it in general.

Thank so much for this very detailed review and for pointing out this mistake.
The instructions will be updated asap! :)