Deagle Instuctions by Snyzer Tech (BOOK ONLY - READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING)

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Parts of this instruction require the use of cyanoacrylate glue. Avoid
contact with eyes and skin.

Please download the Deagle Parts List before purchase!


We recommend downloading on PC or Laptop, format may not work on tablet or smartphone.


Q: How do I get all the LEGO parts for this build?

A:  Just download the Deagle Part List.  Download includes:

- Full LEGO parts list and other supply list

- Tutorial on how to buy the parts on  


Q: What do I need to build this gun

A:  You will need 1 of each of the following:

1) Shootin' Rubber Bands

2) Small Mechanism Rubber bands

3) Firing string - Braided Fishing Line

4) Firing String Glue (Super glue)






Deagle Instructions by Snyzer Tech (E-Book)

Build the best working replica of one of the world's strongest hand guns.  The Deagle by Snyzer Tech features:

- A fully functional bolt action mechanism

- Bullets that can be fired

- Fully functional slide

- 11 round removable magazine

- Magazine release button

- Working slide lock 

- Iron sights

- Easy to change rubber bands


Terms and Conditions

Please read over Terms & Conditions page before buying!


Refund/Return Policy: 

Since this is a digitally downloaded e-book, unfortunately it cannot be refunded because there is no way for you to physically "return" it. 

However, if you purchase the instructions and do not receive a download link or you have any other problems please contact:

I will be glad to sort out your issues.  




The chrome gold renders are just for show.  Unfortunately, is nearly impossible to get all the LEGO parts in chrome gold.  You can always spray paint it for about $5 with gold spray paint and it will look pretty sick.  

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this book or the content herein.

Desert Eagle® is a trademark of Magnum Research Inc.,® which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this book or the content herein.




Customer Reviews

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Absolutely legendary

this is possibly the coolest thing ever. To the guy who made all this: you are an absolute legend and inspiration thank you senpai

Most awesome lego build ever!

Absolutely stunning and realistic looking gun. Very clear instructions and quick response to my questions. It is awesome to build this gun from just lego bricks and getting to know how it all works. Shooting and reloading action are smooth and the bullets go quite fast and far. I've already used multiple shooting targets and completely ruined them with this gun. The explosive popcorn targets are also great fun.

It also is fun to figure out where it goes wrong if the gun jams. Since you built it yourself, you know exactly what might cause it which is cool. Changing elastic bands is easy and straight forward. I love all the realistic features such as the magazine release and slide stop. I've never played with a lego creation as much as this one. Hopefully the instructions for the new shotgun will also be published. I'll be the first to buy.

Best LEGO pistol ever

Just as the title says, Snyzer's Deagle is probably the best piece of LEGO weaponry I have built so far. Everything about it is just so good, the looks of the gun is about as realistic as it gets and the action feels really smooth and powerful.

My favorite thing about this gun is how the slide will automatically move back to its original position once the gun is loaded. Even though it is a small detail it really adds to the realism of the gun. Other closed-bolt LEGO guns will require the user to push the slide or the charging handle to its original position once a bullet is loaded into the chamber due to the friction caused by the rubberbands. However, with the addition of the firing string, no bulky loading mechanism is needed and the slide is able to move freely even if the gun is loaded. This design is genius and I have already seen other people using this concept.

The instructions are super clear and easy to follow, even in the firing string part.

My only complaint is the instructions are pretty pricey. If I recall correctly Jack Streat's Lego Heavy Weapons e-book cost about the same price and it includes instructions of 4 different LEGO guns. But honestly after building the Deagle, I think the instructions are worth every penny because of all the hardwork put into the Deagle and instructions by Snyzer.

12/10 will buy the Spas-12 instructions once it come out


I don't have the brick for build !!!!

Great manual

Professional made manual, looks great. Although I don't have the bricks to build it yet, can't wait to use the instructions.